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Septic System Evaluation

Roscoe Blaisdell

Roscoe Blaisdell - Land Surveyor, Septic Designer, Septic Evaluator, and Wetland Scientist

I am a Septic System Designer, Septic System Evaluator, Land Surveyor and Wetland Scientist based in Raymond, New Hampshire. I serve Southeastern New Hampshire including Rockingham County, Derry, Londonderry, Manchester and Salem. I have over 30 years of experience and provide a wide array of services to my customers in a cost effective and timely manner. Being a licensed Septic System Designer, Land Surveyor and Wetland Scientist means that I do not have to sub-contract parts of a job which allows me to pass the savings on to my customers! The services I perform are on a fixed fee basis or at an hourly rate depending on the level of complexity. I welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal for services at very competitive rates.

Septic System Design

I have been doing septic system designs for many years and have kept up with the changing technology. I will advise you of the best type of septic system for your situation. If the conditions are right, I can design the tried and true pipe and stone system. If conditions are more difficult there are more appropriate systems to install.

No one likes to see vent pipes in the middle of their lawn. When the situation requires a vent I will put in the extra effort to do a special design which puts the vent in a hidden area. Many designers and installers will not put in this extra effort. I have my own backhoe to do the test pits to lower the costs and number of people involved in the project.

Also, being a land surveyor, the final septic plan will show a more accurate plan of the property than shown on the average septic plan. I will use my metal detector to help in locating any buried and hidden lot corners to be sure the design meets local and state setbacks.

Septic Design Sample Drawing

Sample Septic System Drawing

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Septic System Evaluation

If the buyer or seller of a home needs to know the condition of the septic system I can do a septic system evaluation. I am certified with the New Hampshire Septic System Evaluator Program and will be happy to perform an evaluation and give my professional opinion of the septic systems condition following the standards set forth by the program.

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State of the Art Technology Equals Savings for My Customers

Blaisdell Survey is a one man company which utilizes state of the art technology to save customers money. Specifically, I use a Robotic Total Station Transit allowing me to do the job of 3 people and ultimately reducing cost.

Robotic Total Station Transit